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Elusive Disc offers you a wide assortment of audio accessories for your all of your turntable needs. Amplify your system with tonearm cables, power cords, preamps, amplifiers, headphones, speakers, wires, converters, adapters, and many more audio accessories designed to get your music and equipment sounding its best.

After you’re plugged in and rocking out, pick up a few audio accessories to upgrade your setup and discover a new level of sound quality. We carry everything from high-end tonearms, automatic tonearm lifts, and precision-built phono cartridges, to quality vibration isolation equipment and sensitive turntable speed control solutions.

Elusive Disc is your premier retailer for turntable parts and accessories from all the best brands. Shop VPI, Clearaudio, Music Hall, Sota, Graham Engineering, and many more. Don’t forget to  invest in safe audio accessories that protect and clean your prized musical possessions.