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Audeze Headphones have been a trailblazer in the audiophile headphone market. Audeze specializes in cutting-edge planar magnetic headphone technology for more accurate, high-quality audiophile sound.


These headphones are known for their excellent bass control and speed, which makes the listening experience very satisfying and pleasurable. So how are they so great? Well, the planar magnets allow for faster and a more accurate response to the signal compared to conventional dynamic headphones which move through a voice coil. This creates longer lasting sound durability and enhances the overall sound quality. Audeze Headphones are typically very lightweight due to the NASA originated diaphragm material that provides quick response time to create a flat and precise bass.


Not only is the sound quality unmatched but the design material of the headphones are what audiophiles would describe as luxurious. Signature styles are made using metal framing with leather and sometimes wood accents.

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