Frequently Asked Questions

Will SACDs play on my normal CD player?

Yes. Hybrid or Dual Layer SACDs will play on conventional CD players (home CD players, portable CD players, car CD players, etc). Almost every SACD Elusive Disc, Inc. sells with the exception of Sony, Red Rose Music and some Universal titles are Hybrid/Dual Layer SACDs and will play on ANY CD player!

Do I have to own a Multi-Channel SACD player to play Multi-Channel SACDs?

No. Every Multi-Channel SACD Elusive Disc, Inc. sells also contains a dedicated 2 channel stereo layer that can be played on ANY SACD player.

Will Multi-Channel SACDs play on my normal CD player?

Yes. Hybrid or Dual Layer Multichannel SACDs will play on conventional CD players (home CD players, portable CD players, car CD players, etc). Every Hybrid Multichannel SACD Elusive Disc, Inc. sells with the exception of Sony, Red Rose and some Universal Multi-Channel SACDs will play on ANY CD player. You will, however, only be able to access the dedicated 2 channel stereo mix when using a Multi-Channel Hybrid SACD in a conventional CD player.


Plays on all CD players

Plays on all SACD players

Single Layer Stereo SACD (Sony)



Hybrid (Dual Layer) Stereo SACD



Single Layer Multi-Channel SACD (Sony, Red Rose, Universal)



Hybrid (Dual Layer) Multi-Channel SACD

yes (only stereo 2 channel mix available)


How do I place an order using your webstore?

Follow these steps to successfully place an order. Let us walk you through the steps for ordering (you may want to print this out to reference it during your ordering process):

  1. If you are already a registered shopper please, click here to go to our Login page. Once you have successfully logged in, proceed to step 2.
  2. Welcome Back! will greet you. From this page you can access your Wish List, Order Status or Account Information. Click 'Continue' to proceed.
  3. You now arrive at our homepage. There are several ways to navigate our webstore. The easiest is to use the search box located in the top right hand corner of the page. You can also Browse our Departments on the left side of the store. Our most popular departments are 'New Arrivals' and 'Coming Soon!'. For this example, click on 'New Arrivals!' to continue.
  4. This will open up a screen in the middle with the different music formats including LPs, XRCDs, Accessories, Equipment and more. Click LPs.
  5. This will open up the "short description" of all LPs under 'New Arrivals!' Department. If you want more information any item just click the picture or product title link and you will be taken to the "extended description" of the item you selected.
  6. Enter the quantity that you would like to purchase (the default is 1) and then click buy from either the "short" or "extended" description page.
  7. Your Shopping Basket will open next. As you will see, the item is in the basket. You can click proceed to checkout to finish, empty basket to start over, or continue shopping to buy more.
  8. You can continue shopping, but we will checkout to finish the process. Click "Proceed to Checkout."
  9. The next screen is for customer information. If you are ordering for the first time fill in all customer information then skip to step #10. If you are already a registered shopper and have logged in already, your customer information should be displayed. Pay special attention to the shipping address option. If you do not have a shipping address, check the box that reads, "Same As Billing Address." Otherwise, enter the shipping address there...and click continue.
  10. The next screen will have your shipping method choices. Select the shipping method of your choice and click continue.
  11. At the next screen, enter your name as it appears on the credit card. Then enter your credit card number without spaces or dashes. Below this, Choose the type of credit card then select the correct expiration date. (We also have the option to pay by PayPal) When done, click "Continue" button
  12. The next screen is the final one (The receipt page). Print this page (by clicking the "click here to print this page" link for your records. You will receive an email confirmation automatically confirming the order.

This problem is caused by your Internet browser's security settings. Chances are if this is happening you've disabled the "accept cookies" feature of your Internet browser. Our store uses Active Sever Pages and must send cookies to track purchases, items, customers, etc. To solve this problem simply change your browser's security settings to "accept cookies." If you do not know how to change your browser's security settings, refer to the help file supplied with your browser. If you are accessing the webstore from your workplace and the store cannot track your purchases or you experience other anomalies like incorrect amounts for prices or quantities, you may be behind a firewall and will not able to order from our store until you get home.

When I visit a page with sound samples how do I play them?

For certain labels and albums, we have included sound samples so that you can Listen Before You Buy! To listen to a sound sample, which are located in the "Selections" section of the product's description, simply click the play icon next to the corresponding track.

Is your store secure for ordering?

Our store is fully secure for on-line ordering. We use VeriSign security and when you checkout you will notice the VeriSign seal at the bottom left and the top right of the checkout page. If you click the VeriSign seal, you will be taken to their website where you can verify that our store is secure.

Is your entire inventory in the store?

Yes! We have literally thousands of items in our inventory and the conversion process is now complete! If we have it, it's on our webstore.

What are your policies for backordered or out-of-stock items?

Occasionally, we will run out of stock on certain items. If this happens, it will be noted on the item's availability status field located below the item's picture. Most out of stock items are restocked within 7-10 days or they are preorder items. We encourage you to order now which ensures the quickest delivery and lessens the chance of missing out on items that have limited availability. If you choose to place an order with both in-stock and out of stock items (such as Pre-Orders), We will ship all in stock items immediately.

Back-Orders/Pre-Orders older than 60 Days will be contacted before product is shipped. You may add or delete items from your Back-Orders/Pre-Orders as desired -or- if you place a new order we will automatically combine any Back-Orders/Pre-Orders that are now in stock with your new order to save you money on shipping costs. Back-Orders/Pre-Orders within 60 days will ship out automatically. All Back-Orders/Pre-Orders will be shipped to you at an additional shipping cost. For a detailed description of item status, please click here!

We do have the option of holding the entire order until everything is ready to ship (if your Back-Orders are not Pre-Orders). We will do this, but we require payment for all in-stock items we are holding. Please email to request this service for your order.

What types of payment do you accept in your store?

Currently you can make payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, Diner's Club, PayPal or American Express.

How do I know you received my order?

Once you have completely placed an order with us, you will automatically receive a confirmation email to the email address that was used in your order.

How do I know my order shipped?

When we have shipped your order you will receive an e-mail notification reviewing your entire order complete with shipping method and tracking number (if applicable.)

How do I cancel and order?

Please call or email us to request an order cancellation.

Most orders can be cancelled, but if the order is in the warehouse for shipment it may be too late. Once shipped, orders can be returned to us for credit minus any applicable shipping charges. Visit our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

How often is your store updated?

Customer profiles and order information are updated daily. Inventory updates are done every 5 minutes. So, if an item says it's "in-stock," it most likely is.

I placed a successful order on your store, but never got a confirmation from you via e-mail. What happened?

Very rarely you will complete a successful order on our webstore (successful being defined as all of your information was accepted by our server and you were given an order number.) but will not receive any kind of e-mail confirmation your order was processed or shipped. If you do not receive any type of correspondence from us within 24 business hours please e-mail us at or call us at 1-800-782-3472 and report the problem.

When will my credit/debit card be charged?

Like many ecommerce sites our website only does what is called a pre-authorization. A pre-authorization checks your security code and does an address verification. If both match it puts a "hold" on the funds until we ship the order and capture the funds. However, it does not actually take the money from your account it just reduces the amount of your available balance on your card (unless we ship the order). We hold pre-authorizations for up to 30 days if we think or know the order will be ready to ship within 30 days. If that is not the case, the pre-authorization will be voided and will drop-off as a "pending transaction" within a few days of being voided. or call us at 1-800-782-3472 and report the problem.

How long will my shopping cart's contents persist?

Your shopping cart's contents will expire after 30 days.