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Whether you’re replacing or upgrading your tonearm, Elusive Disc offers a variety from which you can choose. We stock the most trusted brands, like ClearaudioVPI, and Graham Engineering so you get precisely-manufactured tonearms to fit and enhance your turntable.

Browse our accessories to help you properly install your tonearm. We have the cablescounterweight, and lift necessary to assist you in this precise and detailed endeavor. If you’re looking to make some major improvements, stop by and check out our tonearm upgrades.

Setting up your turntable for the best sound performance means buying and properly installing a tonearm. The tonearm is the crucial connection between the record and your speakers because it’s the part that holds the phono cartridge above the groove. A good turntable requires a lightweight, rigid tracking arm that dampens cartridge vibration and holds the stylus at a precise angle in relation to the record grooves. For assistance with installation and calibration, give our sound engineers a call. They have first-hand knowledge to help you choose the right tonearm and accessories for your specific situation.