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We've all heard it before, but you need to be using protection! To ensure long lasting records, it is best to invest in inner and outer Record Sleeves. If you are a vinyl collector, you know how critical it is to organize, clean and protect your vinyl. But to newbies Record Sleeves may not seem that critical, when in fact it directly impacts the life of your record.


Most albums and singles come packaged with paper inner sleeves, these yellow over time and worse hold dirt that can transfer onto the vinyl record. Why spend time and money diligently cleaning your records only to throw them back into a dirty inner sleeve? Worse yet, are those who don't even use an inner sleeve and just throw the naked record back in the jacket, which leaves the record prone to dust, splits, cracks and scratches as the record moves freely in the cardboard.


If vinyl is not stored in proper Record Sleeves, it will affect the playback and sound quality. As far as audiophiles are concerned the only major issue with vinyl is the delicacy if the record itself. It is easy for the vinyl to become warped, cracked or scratched on the surface, all of which can ruin the record all together.

Luckily, is here to keep you protected and carries a variety of Record Sleeves for your Vinyl collection.