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An XLR cable is an electrical connector you are likely familiar with if you have or use professional audio equipment. These standardized circular designs have between 3 and 7 pins and are available in both male and female connections.

Be sure to get the proper pin design depending on your application. The 3-pin XLR cable is the most common type, as it’s the industry standard for delivering balanced audio signals. Most professional microphones and loudspeakers use the 3-pin cable because it can better handle the high voltages being carried through the equipment. Get a 6-pin XLR cable for use with professional headphones, as it provides the dual channel construction necessary for the complex stereo sounds.

Elusive Disc offers several options for your XLR cable needs. Get an XLR interconnect cable, an XLR Subwoofer cable, or an XLR Tonearm cable to get the maximum sound quality from your audio equipment connection.