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A digital to analog converter (DAC) is a device that takes your digital audio content and turns it into an analog output so that your system can amplify and play it through your speakers. Thus letting your rock out to your favorite album the way the music gods intended.

Most devices already have built-in DAC’s, but as an audiophile obsessed with purity and clarity of a recording, you know that having an external digital to analog converter is necessary for getting a top-quality sound. That’s because in recording and playback instances, external DAC’s are used to manage and control noise floor problems that manifest as an annoying background hiss, and other sound quality distortion issues like warbling, muffling, and jitter. As an audiophile, you know that these sound distortions are like nails on a chalkboard.

There several types of DAC’s – the most common being the pulse width modulator, digital to analog converters using binary-weighted resistors, and those with R and R2 resistors. Choose the right setup to get the best resolution, sampling rate, and dynamic range that you desire.