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It's easy to think that seemingly insignificant upgrades, like replacement turntable beltswon't actually improve the performance of your turntable. Think again. A turntable belt controls the level of unwanted vibration that is transmitted from your deck's motor, to the platter, and then on to the record where it finally feeds into your stylus. This sequence of events and transfer of sound vibration directly influences your turntable’s performance. Upgrading your standard-issue drive belt, to one of a premium material and finish has been proven to improve sound quality beyond expectations.


Elusive Disc offers replacement turntable belts from trusted brands like VPI, Music Hall, Sota and Clearaudio. A quality deck will last years, but as time goes by, your belt will age and wear, begin to dry out, stretch and lose tension. This causes slippage, fluctuations, and speed irregularities in your turntable – making for a less than desirable listening experience. Replace and upgrade your turntable belt today to keep things spinning smoothly.