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An RCA cable, sometimes called a phono connector, is a stereo analog audio connection used to send 2-channel analog audio signals between your favorite electronic devices. If you’re looking for an RCA Cable to connect your turntable, headphones, sound bar, stereo system, preamp, or any other device, we have good news! Elusive Disc can hook you up with an assortment of options to amplify your listening experience.

Browse our great selection for use with audio, video, TV, and other electronics. Choose from various length options, and buy as a single cable or in pairs to make your cable management organized and functional.

Get the best sound quality with a superior RCA cable. Amplify your audio connection with brands like VPI, AudioQuest, and ClearAudio cables. Or for a truly pristine sound experience, choose a high-fidelity cable for specific connections with a Phono Cable, Interconnect Cable, or Tonearm Cable. Whatever your needs, Elusive Disc has what you are looking for!