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Shop our complete line of headphone accessories to enhance and protect those legitimately impressive audiophile cans of yours. Professional-grade, high-quality headphones are an investment – and Elusive Disc has everything you need to care for and amplify them.

Caring for your headphones is an act of love and respect for both the music and the technical engineering of these amazing audio earmuffs. Show them off with a handsome headphone stand like the beautifully crafted, and highly stylish Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand in Walnut. Condition that soft, supple leather with a leather care kit. Purchase replacement earpads and then be sure to store them in a travel case when you’re on the go.

Extend your audio range with adapters, cables, extension cords and splitters. Amplify your experience with a headphone preamp and amplifier. Browse these headphone accessories, and more, from trusted brands like Grado, Audeze, Sieveking Sound, and STAX.