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Some people might wonder why anyone would ever buy a headphone stand. Well at some point, every music enthusiast takes the next step towards legit audiophile and buys a serious pair of headphones. But what do you do with these audio investments when you aren't wearing them and intimidating everyone around you? That’s right, you display them on a headphone stand so you can enjoy their beauty and musical magnificence while subtly telling guests that you mean business – of course. Also, because a headphone stand is a safe place for you to store and display your expensive cans so they don’t get damaged or lost.

Some higher-end headphones will come with one already, but most times you’ll want to get a headphone stand that looks cool, shows off your personal style, or even integrates with your home decor. Shop headphone stands from popular brands like Grado, Audeze, Stax and Sieveking Sound to get the look you want.

Choose to display your cans based on the stand type – pick a modern headphone hanger that’s perfectly shaped, molded, and contoured to show off your cool cans, get a sleek stand to hang your headphones from, or opt for an anchor mount for a simple and functional solution.