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Audiophiles will tell you that even though it is not the most exciting part of their audio setup, Headphone Cables matter. Receiving a clean, loud enough signal from your music format is absolutely critical, whether it be from Digital, Vinyl, Reel-to-Reel or even straight from an instrument.


There are various properties to consider when browsing Headphone Cables, such as the construction and noise, tangling, and functionality. The construction of some cables can be poorly made, this will distort the sound if the cable is simply bumped or moved. High-quality cables are made with thicker wires and stronger material to avoid this interference while listening.


Similarly, cheaply made cables also struggle with retaining their shape can be prone to tangling, bending and tearing. These issues can ruin the cable altogether.


Lastly, you want to take the functionality into consideration. Depending on how you are listening to your music, you may want to purchase a Headphone Cable with a threaded jack to fit various adapters for multi-function use or one with volume control on the wire itself for convenience.

Headphone Cables do make a difference and are an easy and cost-efficient way to upgrade your listening experience. Browse elusivedisc.com for a variety of Headphone Cables.