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Even though technology continues toward digital and wireless, audio cables remain at the heart of nearly every audio scenario for your turntable setup. Whether it’s to connect your turntable directly to your speakers, or to your preamp and then your speakers, or some other combination of equipment, Elusive Disc has the hookup you need. Browse audio, digital, speaker, subwoofer, and tonearm cables from brands we trust like Audience, Audioquest, Bob’s Devices, and DanaCable for a high-quality connection. 

Elusive Disc carries audio cables for nearly every application. Shop RCA (unbalanced) cables, XLR (balanced) cables, component video cables, interconnect cables, and even 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug to RCA Interconnect Cables. Rest assured that our selection reflects only the favorite cable choices of music lovers the world over. Only here will you find cables that offer much more transparency, clarity, amplification, a more convincing and immersive soundstage, and better focus than ever before. Additionally, we offer our audio cables in a variety of lengths, for maximum versatility and convenience for your unique setup. Get connected today!