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You might be asking, “I have a turntable, why should I be looking at amplifiers?”. Well, because if you think you’re getting the best sound that turntable has to offer without a more sophisticated audio system setup, think again. Whatever style of music you listen to, amplifiers will serve it up in a spacious soundstage with outstanding realism, letting you get lost in the music as it surrounds and moves through you. Yeah. That’s why.

Shop Elusive Disc for the best selection of phono preamplifiers, amplifiers, and integrated amplifiers from premium, trusted brands like Creek, Calvin, Music Hall, Music Fidelity, and VPI. Our best sellers are the popular Creek Evolution 100A Integrated Amp for a safe audio bet and budget-friendly option, or the Cayin A-300B Tube Integrated Amp for a more high-end musical magnification desired by most audiophiles.

With the multitude of amplifiers to choose from, picking the right one to pair with your turntable and speakers can be an intimidating process. Give our sound engineers a call. They have first-hand knowledge to help you choose the right equipment for your specific setup.