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The last few years there have been a flood of new Integrated Amplifiers in an audiophile market traditionally wedded to separate preamps and power amps. That might reflect the fact that Integrated Amps simply make more sense. This one box unit has a straightforward approach that minimizes glitz and useless features to sound quality as the main priority.

If you are a serious music lover and ready to upgrade your current speaker system, then a sound system based on an Integrated Amplifier just might be for you! Integrated Amplifiers are high quality and cost efficient because you do not have to spend money on two separate -units. There are a wide range of integrated amps to suit all audiophile needs, as there are different levels of consolidation. Some include the basics of a line-level and a stereo power amp, but others can do virtually everything. 

Since some do more than others, one of the most important things to consider when choosing an Integrated Amplifier is the number and types of connections it provides. You'll want to be certain that it can accommodate the components you currently have, as well as ones you may possibly want to add in the future.

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