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They say music is indeed a universal language. Vocal or instrumental, music inspires, unifies, expresses, creates, and brings us to life. Music can be found inside the fine intricacies of our headphones or boldly raging across the atmosphere at our favorite rock concert. For those of us that call ourselves, audiophiles, music is life and we must celebrate it.

No matter what audio format you prefer, whether it be vinyl records or CD’s, Elusive Disc offers thousands upon thousands of music options for your audio entertainment. Into less traditional music formats? We offer even the most obscure of audio options. Reel to reel formats have started to take off and we’ve got what you are looking for

Looking to try something new? Venture out and try a new genre. We offer 30+ music genres including soundtracks, metal, opera, blues, and much more. Consider yourself a music collector? Elusive Disc offers thousands of albums in various formats from SACD’s to Blu-Ray Audio, there is no shortage of collectors items. Interested in what’s new? We are on the cutting edge of new music and offer a pre-order option for those audiophiles that wants to ensure they get the latest and greatest music available.

Shop Elusive Disc’s music selection today. Whether you are looking for your next 12 inch vinyl, or an XRCD, we have a highly-selective collection of your favorite music variations. You are a few clicks away from owning your next audio treasure.