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Digital audio formats offer a wide array of options for listening to your favorite artist, album, or track. While analog music is still near and dear to our hearts, digital formats offer a wide variety of audio experiences as well. We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of digital audio formats.


Although vinyl records offer a truer sound, they can degrade over time. Meaning, if they garner scratches or dust over they years, you can hear the needle encounter these blemishes while listening to the record. Digital music formats do not degrade over time, offering a longer lasting, quality audio experience for the long term.

Elusive Disc offers seven popular digital formats including CD, XRCD, SACD, Blu-Ray Audio, K2, UHQCD, and DVD. Hundreds of albums can be found in digital formats in all kinds of genres including pop, soundtracks, metal, and more. Explore our collection of digital music today! Music can be celebrated in all kinds of formats, make digital one of them.