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Want to start a fight with your audiophile friend? Tell him that SACD is a dead format, and then sit back and listen to the 5-point argument coming your way. Super Audio Compact Disc, or SACD, is a high-resolution audio disc format that provides more accurate and superior sound reproduction than your standard, run-of-the-mill CD format.


Elusive Disc carries hundreds of titles on SACD from all the best labels, like Mobile Fidelity and Audio Fidelity. Our catalog covers a wide spectrum of genres, from opera to ballet, symphonies to concertos, and jazz to early music. Sit back and listen to the folky sounds of Bob Dylan, or pop in the internationally-acclaimed Moonlight Sessions of Lyn Stanley. Enjoy the greatest hits from Billy Joel or experience aural nirvana with Santana & John McLaughlin’s stunningly spiritual Love Devotion Surrender.


Pro tip: to get the full benefit of this audio format you'll need an SACD player, and potentially make some modifications to your setup in order to accommodate for the higher-quality audio and 5.1-channel surround sound.