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Get a Lyra cartridge if you want an unprecedented level of revealed texture, transparency, and dynamic contrast from your vinyl collection. Lyra phono cartridges combine original thinking, advanced engineering, and premium materials to ensure maximum immersion and emotional involvement in the music. 

Check out the Lyra Atlas MC Cartridge 0.56mV for top of the line, high-tech features end to end. This Lyra cartridge uses an innovative, asymmetrical structure to suppress the formation of standing waves inside the cartridge body. This, and dozens of other performance enhancing design details make the Atlas model a true modern musical marvel. Cost conscious? Consider the Lyra Etna MC Cartridge 0.56mV, or the Lyra Kleos MC Mono Cartridge 0.5mV if you’re looking for a solid analog experience on a budget.  

Every detail of a Lyra cartridge is thoroughly considered and executed with extreme care and precision. They are one of the few audio companies with truly original design development capabilities. Each new product is designed and built from the ground and up, introducing cutting-edge and industry-leading advances along the way. Get your Lyra cartridge today!