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New and experienced audiophiles all know VPI Turntables. For years, VPI Industries has been introducing entry level turntables to their extensive high-quality collection to help new audiophiles embrace the world of vinyl.

As the vinyl revival continues, music lovers are seeking the best turntables to get the most out of their new vinyl. The first table from VPI started a big following and audiophiles have since been loyal advocates of the brand.

This is because VPI is known for their high-quality turntables that enhance the sound of the record itself. VPI Turntables stay true to that classic sound of a turntable all while embracing new technological improvements that enhance the original sound of a record player. VPI holds a highly regarded reputation for the production and overall value of their tables. Their turntables are known for speed stability, exceptional sound quality, and appealing designs.

Elusive Disc carries multiple VPI Turntables for new and experienced audiophiles alike! Shop popular models such as the VPI Prime Signature Turntable & JMW-10 3D Tonearm, the B-Stock VPI Cliffwood Turntable & Audio Technica AT-VM95E Cartridge, and the VPI Avenger Turntable & JMW-12 3D Tonearm.