About Us

We are a family owned company established in 1989 located in Anderson Indiana.

When we first began, we basically specialized in out of print, hard to find (elusive) vinyl. Over the years, we have expanded to also include Audiophile CDs, XRCDs, DVDs, SACDs, In-Print Vinyl, Gear and Accessories. We continue to grow on a daily basis, adding the newest and most exciting music and Hi-Fi. We look forward to being your best Audiophile source for years to come.

Bob Bantz - President, CEO

James Bantz - Vice President, Sales: jbantz@elusivedisc.com

Diane Bantz - Chief Financial Officer 

Jason Marcum - General Manager, Sales: jasonm@elusivedisc.com sales@elusivedisc.com

Kevin Berg - Wholesale: wholesale@elusivedisc.com

Jon Abbey - Shipping/Receiving Specialist

Ariana Abraham - Graphic Designer: aabraham@elusivedisc.com

Kara Callahan - Finance Manager: kcallahan@elusivedisc.com

Barbara Chambliss - Accounting Associate

Danielle Hubble - Primary Order Processor/Customer Service: dhubble@elusivedisc.com

Leesa Peterman - Purchasing: lpeterman@elusivedisc.com

Shannon Ramsey - e-Commerce Content Assistant: sramsey@elusivedisc.com

Meridian - Shipping/Receiving Specialist

Tyler Evans - e-Commerce Content & Marketing Assistant: tevans@elusivedisc.com

Danielle McMahan - e-Commerce Content & Marketing Assistant: dmcmahan@elusivedisc.com

Daniel Russell - Shipping Supervisor: backorders@elusivedisc.com

Katie Meadows - Sales kmeadows@elusivedisc.com

Caleb Crouch - Shipping/Receiving Specialist

Dana Padgett - Backorder Processor dpadgett@elusivedisc.com