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Do you have an extensive collection of compact discs that are yearning for a state-of-the-art CD player? At Elusive Disc, our CD players are more than standard pieces of audio equipment, they are hubs for all of your digital entertainment needs. Complete with high-tech features like high-performance DAC, USB inputs, and new disc loading mechanisms, our compact disc players are the perfect addition to your audio entertainment collection.

Our CD players offer improved performance, increased flexibility, and offer features for music lovers and Hi-FI enthusiasts alike. You can count on a sweet, smooth performance with excellent dynamic range from our elite selection of CD players. Take a look and compare what the Musical Fidelity M3scd CD Player (Silver) has to offer versus the Cayin CS-55CD Tube CD Player.

We carry reliable and trusted brands such as Music Hall, Musical Fidelity, and Cayin that all offer varying levels of digital entertainment. Keeping in mind versatility, sound quality, and value, we carefully select each piece of audio equipment to best serve our loyal audiophiles. Don’t let your favorite audio compact discs sit on the shelf another day.

Whether you are looking for an entertainment upgrade or you are new to this piece of audio equipment altogether, our selection of elite CD players is sure to spark interest and intrigue. Rock out to some metal, or sooth the soul with a little Jazz. Either way, don’t sacrifice sound flexibility or dynamic range. With a selection of CD players that connect seamlessly with integrated amplifiers, sound quality has truly never been the same. Get the best of the best with one of Elusive Disc’s CD players.