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For the ultimate encounter in pure and natural sound, shop Elusive Disc’s selection of elite headphones. The listening experience is one of the most imperative parts of the audiophile existence. Only with the proper audio equipment can you truly experience the sonic integrity of your favorite track. Close your eyes and hear the music like never before, as only the finest headphones can produce.

With an incredible selection of brands including AKG, Grado, Stax and many more, audiophiles everywhere are provided with a wide range of audio options for their entertainment needs. Compatible with many audio accessories like headphone stands and headphone amplifiers, we offer a one-stop-shop opportunity for the audiophile’s listening experience.

From the speaker chassis, to the wire, voice coil and magnets, Elusive Disc’s headphones are crafted from the finest materials. Whether you prefer Grado headphones or Stax headphones, both offer products that eliminate distortion and resonance, allowing only the actual signal to dance through the speakers in crystal clear form.

No matter which headphone brand or style you choose, you cannot go wrong with our selective collection of audio equipment options. Keeping quality and value in mind, there is absolutely no limit to which innovation and sustainability can be met at a reasonable cost. Invest in the clearest audio experience with Elusive Disc.