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The listening experience is one of the most imperative parts of the audiophile existence. If you want to hear your music with the utmost clarity, Stax Headphones are the way to go.


Stax Ltd is a Japanese company that has been making high end audio equipment since 1960. Stax is best known for their electrostatic and electret headphones, which they call “earspeakers.” These headphones are designed for the ultimate hi fi geeks who appreciate the high-end quality of headphones and recognize the difference. If you have never heard an electrostatic headphone, you’ll be amazed with the clarity.


The Stax Headphones or “Earspeakers” work similarly to loudspeakers but on a smaller scale. These electrostatic headphones produce lower distortion and cleaner sound than dynamic headphones. Classical recordings sound especially natural and vivid than they do over conventional headphones.


As for exterior design, audiophiles rave about the comfort levels. Stax Headphones feature high-quality synthetic leather pads that apply only moderate pressure on the ears for an easy listening experience.

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