3 of Our Favorite Turntable Speakers

Posted by Elusive Disc on Sep 8th 2017

Why You Should Buy Speakers for Your Turntable

Vinyl records, played on audiophile turntable systems, offer better frequency response and crisp signals than virtually all other formats. Because they provide nuanced and wide-ranging outputs, turntable audio setups need speakers with the same wide-ranging color and clarity.

Invest your audiophile system dollars equally across all components. You wouldn’t put an entry-level stylus/cartridge on a high-end turntable, right? There’s no point to run a low-quality signal through a finely-crafted system. Just as you wouldn’t put premium gas in a worn out old car, you wouldn’t pair a top-quality turntable, preamp, and receiver with a mid-range (or entry-level) set of speakers.

Your high-end system deserves the best set of turntable speakers you can get!

Our Favorite Turntable Speakers

Epos Acoustics K1 Bookshelf Speakers (Satin Black) | $794.99

These turntable speakers feature a 25-mm fabric dome tweeter with a long-lasting ferro-fluid cooled voice coil and magnet. Its mid/bass driver boasts a precision polypropylene cone, a bullet-style dust cap, and a bucking magnet system for strong, yet flexible, performance.

The Epos Acoustics K1 provides 100 watts of unclipped audio with a frequency range of 51-30,000 Hz.

Audience ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeaker (Walnut) | $1,800.00

These little giants are true game-changers!

With an impedance of 8ohms and an efficiency of 87db, these striking audiophile speakers provide audio quality to match the best turntables and discs. They put out 50 watts of continuous RMS power (each), as well as 104 dB (as a pair).

The Audience ClairAudient 1+1s may be the best (and quirkiest) small-footprint desktop speakers available. Engineered without a crossover, they provide a three-dimensional and completely transparent soundscape. These little gems feature full-range active front/back drivers and side-angle passive radiators.

These award-winning, affordable speakers have completely redefined the audiophile’s listening room design!

Epos Acoustics K3 Floor Standing Speakers (White) | $2,394.99

These stunning ultra-modern turntable speakers stand just over three feet tall and feature cone feet for ultra-low vibration. They feature striking front-firing baffle ports and rear-mounted drivers. Front ports allow you to position them closer to walls and retain optimal performance.

Unlike earlier models, the Epos Acoustics K3s include high-velocity slot ports that blow away traditional cylindrical ports. You can even upgrade these iconic speakers by removing the back panel and installing cutting-edge Active-K crossover modules.

The Epos Acoustics K3 puts out 200 watts of unclipped audio with a 41-30,000 Hz frequency range. With their uniform clamping system, these beauties provide remarkably-smooth and clear mid-range sounds. Their high-volume ports eliminate “chuffing” and provide astounding low-end response from moderately-low driver areas.

You Deserve the Best

Give your listening room the look and sound of today’s best turntable speakers. Whether you want a classic look or a modern twist, these three favorites deliver dream-come-true listening experiences!

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