Why You Should Buy New Music on Vinyl Records

Posted by Elusive Disc on Aug 30th 2017

Of course, collectors and audiophiles love vintage vinyl. However, more and more performers, producers, DJs, and listeners have realized that today’s music also sounds best on vinyl records.

Sound Quality

New vinyl records provide the best of both worlds – you can enjoy high-fidelity audio while exploring today’s emerging artists and labels.

New vinyl records bring the warmth and unrivaled frequency response of this enduring recording format to digital age. Cold and compressed digital audio signals can’t compare to the smooth bass and crisp treble a high-end turntable can pull from vinyl records.

Better yet, as you learn to hear the difference between vinyl records, CDs, and digital files, you’ll increase your appreciation of music. You’ll learn to identify various instruments and production techniques – and the subtleties that make music truly beautiful.

Share in the Modern Audiophile/Record Collector Resurgence

You can tell a lot about an artist by their dedication to vinyl. Some groups offer their entire catalogs as new vinyl records. Others go the cheap-and-easy digital route. Certain performers have hopped on the vinyl bandwagon and offer promotional and limited-edition discs that appeal to collectors and audiophiles – while still feeding low-quality digital files to the masses.

Join the growing cadre of audio aficionados who can hear the difference between well-made and disposable music. Share your love of art and subtlety with your guests in the comfort of your listening room. Understand how music is made on vinyl records – from the recording studio to the pressing plant. Learn to care for your records – and even clean and restore old/damaged discs!

The Full Vinyl Record Experience

Nothing else compares to the experience of bringing home a new vinyl record. These beauties engage all of your senses. Imagine the feel of the cardboard and the crackle of the cellophane as you open up a brand-new disc. Breath in that new vinyl smell and soak in iconic album artwork as you (gently) drop the needle.

Vinyl records create memories, not just audio signals. Audiophiles (like you) appreciate every aspect of the experience – just like the sight and smell of a rare wine or the ambiance and camaraderie of a night out at a fine restaurant.

Return on Investment

Unlike digital music files, physical discs can be resold – sometimes at a dramatically higher price. Though only time will tell which discs make the best investments, you can rest assured that they rarely lose value when stored and played under the right conditions.

Better yet, a well-curated record collection makes a personal, one-of-a-kind gift for future generations!

Of course, You’ll Become a Better, More Interesting, and Cooler Person

The very instant you pick up a vinyl record, magical high-tech audiophile vibes are transmitted to you from your favorite (and dearly-departed) artists. Scientists have yet to discover the quantum mechanics behind this life-changing transformation – but vinyl record enthusiasts are widely recognized as more attractive, popular, and straight-up cool than mere mortals.

Listening to music on any other format reduces IQ, causes warts, and reduces your earning potential by 50%.


Of course!

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