Your Next Purchase after a Crosley Turntable

Posted by Elusive Disc on Sep 8th 2017

Crosley turntables provide a fun and convenient entry point for many vinyl record enthusiasts. However, these popular and stylish turntables are only the beginning of your audiophile journey.

Benefits of a Crosley Turntable


Typically in the $50-100 range (though some models cost up to $500), Crosley turntables provide an easy way for people to try the vinyl record lifestyle on for size.


Today’s hottest bands release both digital and vinyl versions of their albums, feeding the growing demand for vinyl records. As this trend expands, people buy Crosley turntables for their vintage look and association with the audiophile aesthetic.


Suitcase-style Crosley turntables are perfect for playing records on the go. When you’re on the road—or at the beach—bring along your old (or dollar) records and your Crosley Cruiser.

Limitations of a Crosley Turntable

Quality of Materials/Parts

Despite their consumer appeal, Crosley turntables can damage your new and rare vinyl records. As your recollection grows in quality and quantity, you may want to relegate your Crosley to the trunk of your car (and only use it to play well-worn records).

Entry-level Crosley turntables use inexpensive parts like tonearms that put too much pressure on your records and wear down your grooves. They lack many of the key adjustments that protect your records from damage.

Sound Quality

To bring out the true audio quality of vinyl, you need a step-up turntable. Adjustment mechanisms don’t just protect your discs – they dramatically increase your sound quality. Audiophiles know that subtle changes to your setup can make huge differences in audio outputs. With the right pressure on your discs, a well-calibrated cartridge, and a balanced tonearm, you can finally hear the subtleties that have made vinyl records so popular.

Limitations for Upgrading

Turntables to Consider after Your Crosley

Music Hall USB-1 Turntable with Audio Technica AT3600L MM Cartridge | $248.99

This turntable combines audiophile features like belt-drive and an aluminum platter with DJ-friendly functionality like pitch control and USB connectivity.

Music Hall MMF-2.3 Turntable with Spirit MM Cartridge 3.5mv | $498.99

Packed with audiophile components like a carbon-fiber tonearm and a Spirit MM cartridge, this turntable is your gateway to the true sound of vinyl.

SOTA Moonbeam Series III Turntable with S202 Tonearm (Light Oak) | $849.99

This stunning black/light oak turntable looks as great as it sounds! Its 24-pole motor, precision drive belt, and easy-leveling feet reduce vibrations for remarkable clarity and frequency response.

Pro-Ject The Classic Turntable with Ortofon 2M Silver Cartridge | $1,099.00

This handsome unit brings back the audiophile aesthetic of the 50s and 60s with modern TPE vibration-damping materials and a 9” hybrid aluminum/carbon-fiber tonearm.

Clearaudio Concept Wood Turntable & Satisfy Black Tonearm | $2,199.99

With a layered Baltic Birch Plinth, this modern-concept turntable features a mirror-polished Teflon thrust pad and a thick 30mm Derlin platter.

Whatever your price range, you can enter a new world of sound quality and style with our massive selection of audiophile turntables at Elusive Disc.

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