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Vinyl records offer a warm, rich, immersive listening experience to make you feel as if you’re in the studio, sitting right next to the recording artist. Their resurgence in this modern digital music age is a testament to the powerfully nostalgic and superior sound quality of this musical media format. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or an emerging music enthusiast, Elusive Disc has an impressive selection of original, rare, and new vinyl records.

New music on vinyl records is an altogether unique experience. Listening to the latest sounds on freshly-pressed vinyl adds a dimension of auditory delight that you won’t find in any other format. Shop new releases on vinyl from your favorite up-and-coming artists. Or, browse our pre-orders to secure anticipated upcoming albums, and we’ll make sure you get yours the instant they’re available.

Elusive Disc offers vinyl records in a variety of genres for your listening pleasure. Enjoy your favorite Country albums, chill with the newest R&B sounds, experience it all – from Pop Rock, and R&B, to Gospel, and Jazz. Whatever your personal tastes, we have something for you in our selection of vinyl records that covers the musical spectrum.