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If the CD is your preferred digital format, Elusive Disc offers thousands of compact disc options for your enjoyment. From musical tracks to the blues, our CD collection is vast and up-to-date. We strive to offer the best selection of music in all digital formats. We are on the cutting edge of new music and even offer a pre-order option for those audiophiles that wants to ensure they get the latest and greatest CD’s. There’s nothing like taking in the fine audio sound of your new CD.


While all digital formats have their perks, the CD is one of the most idolized music formats among audiophiles. To truly respect the sound of your new album, you must immerse yourself fully into the audio experience. Shop all CD options right here at Elusive Disc then sit back, relax, and listen to your new music in peace.

Whether you are looking to stock your shelves with iconic collectables or rock out to the newest available track, browse Elusive Disc’s selection of premium CD’s. Offering compact discs from all genres of music including alternative, country bluegrass, hip hop rap, gospel, punk, and much more, you can’t go wrong with your next choice.